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Fast Books was founded in 1983 in Westerly, Rhode Island. The first few books were handmade in small numbers and privately distributed.

Michael Smith is the editor and publisher. Automatic Vaudeville, Azúcar, Tabaco y Café, Jesse & Elvis, and Yes Poetry were designed by John Labovitz.

Books are chosen for publication on the basis of personal reference. Submissions are not being accepted at this time or in the foreseeable future.

The following books are currently out of print:

  • American Baby, poem by Michael Smith (1983)
  • On the Ball, play with illustrations by Melisande Potter (1984)
  • A Sojourn in Paris, poems by Michael Smith (1985)
  • Up Scaffolding, poems by Daniel Potter (1989)
  • The Flight of the Great Red Bird, poems by Gary Zarr (2002)