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Dramatist, wit, and irrepressible bohemian personality, Harry Koutoukas left an indelible mark on the downtown theatre in New York and the countless lives he touched. In this spirited collection of interviews and reminiscences, Harry’s unique voice is heard again and a score of friends and colleagues look back fondly and admiringly at his extraordinary life. In addition, extensive research by Magie Dominic begins the task of documenting his achievements, identifying more than 50 plays and dozens of productions, beginning in the creative hotbed of the Caffè Cino in the 1960s and continuing for four decades on stages all over the city. Photographs recall the many looks and moods of a memorable artist and individual.


  • Eulogy by Magie Dominic
  • Michael Ellick sermon
  • Robert Heide interview
  • Donald Brooks remembrance
  • We Were So Young Once, poem by HMK
  • Penny Arcade remembrance
  • Lisa Jane Persky remembrance
  • Binghampton Press obituary
  • Koutoukas Plays Binghampton
  • Cookie Mueller interview
  • Brief comments: Yoko Ono • James Rado • Jean-Claude van Itallie • Jim Gossage Ann Harris • Walter Harris • Marjorie • ri • Mel England • Maggie Low • Stephen Koch • Heather Rose Dominic • Robert Patrick • Bob Shields
  • Poem by Michael Smith
  • List of plays and productions

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