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“Michael Townsend Smith has released a truly pocket-size little pink book entitled “How to Be Funny.” It consists of 1600 or so exclamations, insights, and observations — or one might say “wisdom and wisecracks” — sentences about the titular theme, ranging from one to ninety-four words, arranged in little sequences like poems… You may feel an urge to dispute one of Mister Smith’s assertions or arguments, only to find soon after that he lightheartedly disputes it himself, which may be the funniest thing about this very funny, very provocative little book.” — Robert Patrick

“Your new book is delightful and also touching — really, a meditation on life. ‘Does the world just happen to be beautiful and tragic?’ Yes, I guess it does.” — Bickley Townsend

“Wise and wonderful… The wisdom you’ve accumulated over the years shines through. It’s funny… It’s serious… It’s funny…..” — Emanuel Peluso

“A great little book!” — Crystal Field

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