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John P. Dodd layered these 90 beautiful collages onto the disbound pages of a journal in the late 1960s, possibly as a birthday present for his actor-dancer friend Charles Stanley, whose image appears several times. A note to Charles from Fred Herko is tipped in. Color is a major thematic element, reflecting Dodd’s acclaimed career as a theatrical lighting designer. The collages are fantastically intricate and incorporate a phenomenal range of timely and timeless content. Our handsomely bound edition, co-published with Division Leap, has been offset printed in full color. It was meticulously designed by Fredrik Averin/The Idea of the Book.

My Funny Valentine Collages by John P. Dodd may be ordered from Fast Books. P.O. Box 1268, Silverton, OR 97381. Please add $5 for package and postage. An old-fashioned check would be appreciated.